Yeshua says: “Perhaps you think I have come
to cast peace upon the earth.

“You do not see that I have come to cast dissension upon the earth:
fire, sword, and struggle.

“There will be five in one household:
three against two and two against three,
parent against child and child against parent.
And they will stand as solitary ones.”

Division, “fire, sword, and struggle” are an inevitable reality as long as I remain in this time-bound material realm; possibly even beyond, but about that I have no firsthand experience.

When I am driven by ego to engage in the futile attempt of establishing a secure sense of identity in this visible tangible dimension, I will always encounter and create division. When I define myself by separation and superiority and seek to locate my sense of myself in what I possess and achieve, I should not be surprised that there is no peace on this earth.

The universe is designed to give me what I carry within. As long as I have division and separation in my heart, I will be division and separation everywhere. But these painful realities have a point; they come with a purpose. They are seeking to form in me the ability to stand as one of the

solitary ones.

The winding often confusing journey of my life is designed precisely to enable me to become unified and to stand on my own. The process of moving to spiritual maturity involves coming to the place where I am no longer divided and dependent upon any external supports, rewards, or affirmation.

When I find deep within myself that unified fire of love that is kindled by the divine presence before whom I fall down in worship, then peace begins to dawn. Wherever I carry that power of love and light that are my true nature I perceive unity and sow reconciliation rather than finding division and sowing discord.

When I learn to stand on my own, I begin to be free to truly enter into loving relationship with other beings. I enter into the community of faith and oneness with all human manifestations of spirit who have come to the place within themselves where they are able to stand on their own as “solitary ones.”


SOUL: Stop – Open – Unburden – Listen

What identity attachments do I need to unburden myself of in order that I may uncover the divine fire of unifying love that is my true nature?