“In A Spacious Place” started on 8 July 2008 at Blogspot. After 74 posts at Blogspot it moved over to its current location at WordPress on 2 April 2010.

Today is post #3,000 at WordPress. I like round numbers. They are a tiny bit easier for my numerically challenged brain to handle. So, blog post #3,000 at WordPress, almost precisely eleven years since my first tentative step into the curious land of blogging, feels like the right place to stop.

Much has changed in eleven years.

When I launched IASP, our first grand-daughter was just getting ready to take her place in the midst of our family. She is now about to turn twelve and, along with her three sisters, has become a fascinating large presence in our world. Eleven years ago, I was fifty-four years old. I felt at the time that, I still had a significant stretch of “career” lying ahead with little idea where that might lead or what it might look like. Now, clearly, the bulk of my “professional life” lies behind me. Whatever little mark I am going to make in this tangible time-bound material realm has been made.

There is a lightness to this stage of life. I have nothing left to prove. No kingdoms to build, no heights to scale. I am the person I am going to be. Apart from physical death, there are likely no great changes in my circumstances on the horizon. I am not really sure how many “great” changes there have actually been anyway. I am in many ways the person I have always been. I hope perhaps I am a little more kind, compassionate, and gentle than I was eleven years ago. But, I know I remain the somewhat morose, conflicted, puzzled person I have been, probably since I began my journey here on this earth.

I am not a person who has leapt tall buildings at a single bound. Mostly, I have looked at those tall buildings and worried the walls might collapse and crush me beneath their weight.

What I know I have done and what I see in this blog is that I have kept putting one foot in front of the other and have tried to stay open. I have tried to continue learning. I have sought to grow and have hoped always to be more honest, authentic, and genuine as I stumble along on this puzzling journey.

The solitary practice of blogging has suited me well. I am not a person for whom human relationships come easily. But I have been blessed with beautiful loving human connections through most of my adult life. These are not something I have earned or deserve. And I need more space to pay better attention to these deep loving connections into which a few gracious people have welcomed the prickly awkward person I often am.

It is not easy to give up something I have done for eleven years. This blog has been a source of nourishment, exploration, and challenge for me. I have sought here to use this little space as a place to explore and grow. The fact that there are a few people who have chosen to share in this journey is a bonus and a gift of grace. I am grateful to all readers who have taken time to comment, often with deep wisdom and insight. At times comments have offered a challenge that has caused me to look more deeply and reach further than I might have gone on my own.

I may return here from time to time if something impresses itself upon me with an urgency I cannot resist. But, for now over a million and a half words feels like probably an adequate outpouring from me. It is time to settle into a little more silence.

Bless you readers on your journey. May you find nourishment and inspiration along the way to live more deeply and authentically in tune with that flow of love and grace that is the source of all beauty and truth. Amen.