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The problem with priesthood is that the goal is so distant and failure so near at hand.

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Last week reading Richard Rohr’s book The Divine Dance with a small group of lovely people with whom I am studying the book, we stumbled upon a few powerful lines from Theodore Roethke’s poem “The Rose.” Near the end of his poem in nine short lines Roethke offers a luminous vision of what it might mean to be truly human:

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From this morning’s pew leaflet:
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In the prayer Jesus is said to have prayed from the cross in Luke 23:34, Jesus not only demonstrates the nature of forgiveness, also points the way to that place where forgiveness becomes possible.

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I am no expert on forgiveness.

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Although we appear to live in the same city and are probably around the same age, I do not know Gene Miller. I am not familiar with his writing, or his career.

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(The following post originally appeared in the Print Edition of the Victoria Times Colonist Newspaper
and at the “Spiritually Speaking” blog:

Twenty-seven years ago this week I moved back to Victoria after a decade’s absence.
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I am not sure I quite know how to relate to Mr. Hoch’s points #5 and 6 of his “10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be”.

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Pope Francis just keeps turning up the humility heat.

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Inevitably there will be a lot of goo about “love” circulating during this annual celebration of romance. So, perhaps it is worth taking a more hard-nosed look at the nature of love as we prepare to indulge in this annual glorification of affairs of the heart.

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