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We turned our face. We despised him. We esteemed him stricken by God and afflicted. And it wasn’t the truth.

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See caution at the beginning of “The Mystical And Visionary Thinking Of Teilhard de Chardin #1”

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Ross Douthat of the New York Times seems to be getting into a bit of a state about his Pope.

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Labels are generally caricatures of the positions they purport to represent. But they can serve as useful short hand in an attempt to understand complex movements in human culture.

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I am opposed to mixing spirituality with politics or social issues. I am convicted that the church should remain neutral on political issues.

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In the words he is reported to have spoken in John 5:19-24, Jesus utilizes a curious teaching technique. He refers to himself in the third person, using the circumlocution “the Son”.

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Five-year-old Amy woke and cried out in the night. Bleary-eyed her father stumbled into Amy’s bedroom  and sat on the side of her bed to comfort her. 

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